Me up to now.

My name is Blythe Abigail Su-Ren Schulte, and like all girls from the suburbs, I want World Peace. My names were gifts to me from my Chinese Grandfather, my German-American Father, and my second generation Chinese-American Mother, but I also go affectionately by "Bunny."

    I see the world (and all of time) through multi-cultural and music-colored eyes. I am half Chinese and half German, but foremost an American. The rich cultural heritage I possess gives me a unique perspective. Nothing is black and white – it’s always somewhere in between. I feel most at home in an environment of people who understand and appreciate diversity. It is a privilege to be around those who are different from me because we can learn more from each other. My synesthesia also makes the world entirely a sensory experience – Everything I hear, see, touch, or smell has a distinct color. I visualize and feel everything in this life in a unique and unexpected way, which is reflected in my music. 

    My folks tell me I sang before I could talk. So, since then, I’ve been singing, producing, directing, performing, recording, composing, arranging, writing lyrics, acting, ballroom dancing, and conducting – and eventually talking. I am a classically trained vocalist, but I love singing in as many styles as I can – jazz, musical theatre, liturgical, gospel, alternative, patriotic, rock, electronic, and pop. It is also important to me to sing in multiple languages. Music is a universal language and diplomatic tool that transcends all cultural, geographic, and tangible boundaries. It promotes peace and serves as an effective diplomatic tool. I sing in English, French, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, Latin, Welsh, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese. It is my hope to collaborate and contribute with as many cultures as possible. 

   I have performed with Carol Channing, mentored with Metropolitan Opera star Diane Elias, and work-shopped with Matthew Morrison, Livingston Taylor, Jason Robert Brown, Jeff Marx, and Ryan Scott Oliver. I have studied acting with Shaunt Benjamin from the Actor’s Studio in Los Angeles, at the Lee Strasberg Theatre/Film Institute in Los Angeles, and I am currently a student of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.  My voice and visage are featured in a series of electronic dolls and published materials; I have conducted a world-class orchestra, and have performed domestically and internationally on stage, TV, and film. 

   Above all, music connects everyone involved emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Whether a tune causes a listener to weep, giggle, or blush, it is capable of touching someone’s soul. Music annihilates discord and conflict.

   I live to be the most excellent Blythe possible for the glory of God, others, and myself. I am a musical diplomat who encourages harmony internationally through music. I want that World Peace! Love and God bless!