Why Me?

My synesthetic perspective influences my business and artistry. My vision is to originate products and music that unite diverse groups of people and keep the world thriving.

I am a multi-ethnic American female with a unique point-of-view, seasoned with global performances and life experiences. I am also acutely aware of what we all have in common as people. Entertainment, arts, and music are a unifying language and one we all share and feel. Business is the only way to get it out there for all to consume.

Currently, I am a student at Berklee College of Music, majoring in Professional Music with concentrations in Performance and Songwriting, and a minor in Creative Entrepreneurship. My musical passions are jazz and world music. I have a strong work ethic, am resourceful along with project management and administrative experience. I was employed as a special Event Supervisor and Spokesperson for Mirage Entertainment, an international production company, previously interned for The Kurland Agency, and have placed my original toy product with Mattel Toys.

  I have booked, produced, marketed, directed, musically-directed, written for, and performed in 90+ live shows, in addition to experience in audio recording, stage, film, and special events. As a classically-trained lyric soprano with a passion for jazz, multi-genre entertainment, international, and multi-lingual skills, I would like to continue to work internationally and across cultures in my life and career.